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Top Dogs Training (Jersey)
Top Dogs Training (Jersey) 


When Training Please bring:


A suitable lead and collar for training –  Not an extension lead.  Trainers will be happy to advise on this.


Collar and discAll dogs should wear a collar and disc at all times which has your name, 1st line of your address and your post code also telephone   number.  It is advisable NOT to put your dog’s name on the disc.


Titbits – Soft small tasty pieces, ie cheese, sausage, chicken or shop bought treats, not your dog’s dried food or biscuits. Think quality rather than quantity.


Cleaning-up kit – A kitchen roll and non-bleach spray.


Grooming kit – Appropriate grooming brushes and combs.


Pooh-bags – Which, of course, everyone should carry at all times!


Play toy - a soft toy or tuggy,  not too large and preferably non squeaky.


It is not a good idea to feed your dog a full meal before you come to class.   A hungry dog will respond quicker to training!


Each week you come to Top Dogs, please allow time for your dog to do his ‘business’ outside before coming into class.  Please take the time to pick-up and dispose of responsibly.


On the next few pages (KC Good Citizens Dog Scheme)


All the infomation is taken from the Kennel Club UK website, but if you require more infomation you can contact us or any of our trainers and they will be only too pleased to anwer any questions.


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